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Great crystal ball work. I entirely agree.


thanks dog.


Heh! Used twitter OAuth while I was logged into Dogster account.

But also meant to ad: Ready to hazard any guesses on how long it takes majority of brands/buyers to accept this future? IMHO the majority have a long way to go to get beyond CPM/CPA. Even CPE is still training wheels compared to full-blown Brand API.


this is fantastic. this quote

"The complete disintegration of banner form is the logical evolution… a world where the advertising is deconstructed into a set of assets (content, images, video, links etc) and rules – a brand API"

has my head spinning. Really important


thanks for the comment, andrew. not quite as good as the mike watt quote.


It's amazing how big the online ad biz has gotten on incredibly outdated serving technology. API's don't exist, XML isn't even groked and 3rd party data syndication is a mess. For the sake of all of us Troy I hope you guys do successfully build a CPE. Great writeup.

Tamara Higgins

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